The Honda CB750F


Just a quick progress report on my hobby of model making. I decided on not starting the Junyo aircraft carrier because I wasn’t sure what colour I should paint it.  Instead I decided to do a Tamiya motorcycle.  I have always enjoyed these builds.  I also appreciate that they supply some of the wiring for the engine.

I got the parts cleaned off and prepped for painting.  I also took a good look at the instructions.  I find it never hurts to look at all of the steps first.  I might save you a headache in the end.


I am energized by the work I have done so far.  Hopefully, I can continue without becoming discouraged.


One Last Ride before the Cold

bike 009.jpg

I don’t know whether it was just because it was late in the season, but I didn’t really expect to see a motorcycle, much less one with a sidecar, today. I was just walking along Eglinton near Yonge and there it was.   Pretty cool, I must say.

It was a lovely day, and I certainly don’t discourage anyone from getting that last ride in. It will probably be pretty cool next week, maybe too cool to get out on this bad boy.