Suddenly, I was in the middle of a car show…

cars 051.jpg

One day….



After today’s bike ride, on the way to the coffee shop where the cyclists congregate after a ride, I found myself in a car show.

Obviously this was planned, and although I don’t live in that town (I live in the one directly south) I probably should have known about it. Sadly I didn’t.  Luckily, my phone has pretty good camera (actually, I use the camera a lot more often than the phone, so I should say that my camera has a decent phone in it).

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I certainly enjoyed walking among them.

Lately, I have been interested in hot rods–particularly the deuce coupe.  The closest I will come to building one is in plastic model form.

cars 036.jpg



There’s very little I can…or need to say about this one.

This was the reason I loved the TV show Stingray.  It might have been a tad bit hokey…but man the car.

At the Bike Show

There is something about going to a bicycle show that really gets my heart pumping.  I go to walk through row up on row of bikes and stuff.  There were mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes and cross bikes.  There were tools, tires, clothes and helmets.  The best way to describe it would be to call it a toy store for adults.
The only thing that bothered me was the entry price.  I find it rather unfair that one has to pay to go shopping.  It is like having a daily admission price to Costco.  The price was 15 dollars, and I would rather have spent that money on something else.  However, I know there are a lot of costs in putting a show like that on (security, rentals etc) but they could have at least given us a break on the food.
I would have to say that cycling is rather popular.  There were so many people who were interested in cycling.  And most of them were also very friendly.
I didn’t go to the show to shop, but rather to find out about cycling vacations.  I am really interested in going on a cycling trip somewhere.  I collected quite a few route maps and found quite a few cycling destinations.  Now I just have to get in shape because some of the routes seem rather ambitious.
As for swag–I was hoping for more.  I came home with lots of trail and route maps, some back issues of magazines and even a tool catalogue.  However, I was expecting more.  I hoped for some socks, or a t-shirt, maybe a free water bottle… something.   I guess it isn’t a car show.