Blue Jay Optimism

bluejaysThere suddenly seems to be a buzz about baseball in Toronto. The team seems to be able to score a lot of runs, but now there seems to be some optimism in the pitching department. I am no expert, but I can feel the buzz. The Blue Jays are suddenly a topic of conversation.

I kind of like it.

Hockey is Back!

Today, hockey returned to television.  It was only one game in the rookie tournament–hardly NHL quality, but hockey nonetheless.  I have been looking forward to this the whole summer.  I know I shouldn’t wish the tail end of summer away, but I can’t help it.  I am excited to watch hockey again.

I am excited to be overly optimistic about my team’s fortunes.  I am ready to dissect every play and referee call.  I ready to fantasize about unrealistic trades.  I am ready to live and die with every win and loss.

Welcome back hockey, let’s get the season started.