Early September Progress

Progress in any hobby is well earned.  I have been working on a few projects lately–multitasking you might call it.  The weather has been good, so I really haven’t wanted to spend much time indoors doing hobby things, but I have managed to make some progress.
a shot of the kit and body parts
Here are some Wheels from Jacques Villeneuve’s ride.  They turned out pretty good.  I have not always had really good luck with tires.  They don’t always fit well, but these were awesome.
This kit is relatively easy to build.   It cries out for some super detailing, but I am not really up to the job.  In addition, this kit is a decal nightmare.  There are so many decals that I will have dishwasher hands by the time I do them all.
I am also working on my train buildings.  Not having made one before, it is a bit slow going.  I am not sure I chose the right colours, but I am satisfied with the first attempt.  I certainly learned the necessity of masking when doing this project.  As you you might be able to see, some areas did not turn out perfectly.  As it is an N scale building, this is quite small.  I probably should have put something beside this so you would have gotten a better idea of the scale.
I still need to do something to highlight the grout a little.  I should probably do something to make the widow frames stand out as well.  Of course it still needs windows, a view block, and general assembly.
looks okay from a distance
You can also see my progress on the 289 Cobra.  I had finished most of this a long time ago, but hit a stumbling block.  I had originally painted the body blue, but had to use oven cleaner to get that paint job off.  I decided on black because it was much more forgiving.  Overall this one has not turned out as good as I hoped, but it is nearing completion.
I am a big fan of the cobra.  It represents, my top five car model dreams.  In no particular order I want to someday build really nice examples of
1966 Mustang Fastback
1957 T-bird
Cobra (289 or 427)
32 Ford Roadster (with complete photo etched parts)
Alain Prost’s McLaren from a championship season.
Of course, I have lots of other model dreams that don’t involve cars.  They involve trains, planes, boats, castles, and a whole host of other things.  I may not get to do them all, but now my optimism is quite high, and I believe I am going to try.
Now you know where things stand.

Progress Report

I started this blog with the idea that it would contain a whole bunch of things.  I had this mission statement

I plan to write about the different hobbies I have take up, the ones I have researched, and my future hobby dreams–and believe me, I have lots of those.  I will also mix in amusing stories of my hobby foibles, as well as thoughts on the state of hobby pursuits in the twenty-first century.  On top of all that, I may find time to review tools, hobby kits, and anything else.  In essence, I am promising a mixed bag of tricks. 
I think I have covered the foibles and the amusing stories, but I really haven’t updated you on my hobby progress. That is where this blog comes in.

Amongst my many hobbies, building plastic models ranks pretty high.  I build cars, military vehicles, Japanese castles, and science fiction subjects.  One of my ambitions is to build a car themed diorama.  It was this in mind that I started the Fujimi Tools kit.


I really liked the subject of this kit because it was a little different. I am attracted to more unusual pieces.  I have seen some nice finished examples of this on the internet.  My pieces are coming along, but, as you can see, they need a little finishing.

 I should point out (because I have learnt that there are some very smart people inhabiting the internet) that the engine is not from the Fujimi kit.  I am also working on a Ford Fairlane–but the engine is all that I have managed to finish.

I also recently finished the Schwimmwagen.  (okay, I haven’t added the crew, but I probably won’t)

That is where things stand, today.  As far as models go.  You’ll find out the progress, or lack of progress, in future blogs.