The Post Christmas Hobby Blues

January seemed to fly by.  Before you know it we will be in February.  Yes, we have the spectacular Groundhog Day to look forward to, but …. things seem to be moving too fast.

I realized, perhaps too late, that I had fallen victim to “the post Christmas hobby blues.”  It happens every year, or almost every year.  Christmas brings on many hobby opportunities, some self indulgent hobby spending, and some very ambitious plans for the upcoming year.  January sees all of these things fall by the wayside.

What is it about January?  Is it the worry that I should be in the gym like every other resolution maker (and breaker) or is it the amount of snow I should be shovelling?  Is it sobering reflection on that aforementioned self indulgent spending?  Is it that there won’t be any new nanoblock releases for a few months?  In truth, I am not really sure what it is.  I know it’s real, but I don’t know the cause.

I would love to hear from the rest of the hobby world.  Are any of you experiencing the post Christmas hobby blues?

Hobbies I would take up: The bottom Five (part 1)


I originally intended this to be a top 5 of hobbies I would like to take up, but can’t or won’t for various reasons.  When I came up with this topic, I had five.  When I took a moment to write them down, I found out that I had more than 10 (and as I type this I my brain is firing out new ideas… and when I walk around the mall this afternoon, I am sure I will come up with a few more) .  So, basically, I will cap the number at 10 and rather than rank the ones that are not in the top five, they will just be called the bottom five.

So here we go:  hobbies I would take up if time or money (or space, or energy or talent….) were not a consideration.

A musical instrument.

a) The guitar

What person hasn’t wanted to learn a musical instrument?  I have always envied that guy at the party who whips out a guitar and has every girl’s attention.  I remember one radio DJ (the great Kristie Knight) who said that if you wanted attention from women, learn how to play Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.  Apparently, it isn’t a particularly hard song to learn, and actual real guitar talent is not needed.

I have tried learning guitar before.  I spent a bit of time when I lived in Japan pursuing the hobby.  I have fond memories of playing on the deck of my friend Matt’s house, drinking beer, hoping for breeze and looking at the rice fields.  I didn’t really play, I just strummed the one chord while he did his thing.  Surprisingly, the effect was not bad.  It might not have set the pop charts on fire, but …..

I have always been fond of the blues and would love to play the slide guitar.  There is just something so moving and powerful about blues music and the slide guitar.  Of course, in addition to the guitar I would have to learn all about “open tuning”…. but I guess I am getting ahead of myself.

As I said, I have tried to learn, and even managed to build up some decent calluses, but a lot more time and effort would be needed.  I didn’t really give it a good shot, but like all hobbies, if you don’t make the progress you think you should make, in the time you think you should make it, then you probably won’t continue.


b) The Cello

Though, I am not a big fan of classical music, there is something I really like about the cello.  Perhaps it relates to my fondness for slide guitar (the crying sound of the instrument perhaps) or because of some lost episode of fame in which Julie Singer played a cello solo.  Either way, I would love to play this instrument.

The obstacles to this are quite numerous.  I probably don’t have an especially good ear for music, and there is definitely a lack of raw talent.  In addition to this, I am pretty sure the instrument itself is pretty expensive.  When it come right down to it, I don’t know how popular the instrument is, and finding a teacher might be difficult.  Lastly, of course, when was the last time you saw a person pull out a cello and entertain people at a party, or at the cottage, or around the campfire?  If you answered never, you’re probably in good company.