Me and My Hobbies

I am an ESL teacher who has far too many hobbies.  I start them, stop them for a while, and then pick them up again.  Realizing my erratic nature, the only thing I could do was start writing about them.  Hopefully you will find some interesting things.

I have another blog where I focus on improving my life.  Feel free to check it out here.

My definition of what constitutes a hobby is pretty wide.  As of writing this my hobbies include;

  • reading
  • building models
  • running trains
  • cycling
  • playing sports
  • watching movies and TV
  • learning Japanese
  • building puzzles
  • doing crosswords and other puzzles
  • building and fixing things
  • writing
  • collecting
  • building nanoblock creations
  • playing darts
  • playing board games

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