The JIgsaw Puzzle From Hell

PEI and Puzzle 012

Perhaps buying a jigsaw puzzle from the dollar store was not the best idea.  Though, I have done it before and not really suffered from it.  I figure, I am only going to do the puzzle once and then give it away to someone, so why spend a lot of money on something that I am not going to keep.  For my $1.25 (plus tax) I have usually gotten some decent 500 piece puzzles.

This time, however, was no picnic.  Maybe I should have taken note of the 1000 piece puzzle size.  While this is challenging, I don’t usually think of it as daunting.

What was so hard, you ask?  Was it 1000 pieces of blue sky?  No, that wasn’t the problem.  Instead I will list the sins.PEI and Puzzle 013

  • The puzzle pieces were vertical instead of horizontal.
  • There were images on the picture that were not shown on the box art. These were around the edges.
  • These two facts convince me that someone didn’t size the puzzle onto the board correctly before cutting–but I could be wrong. However, there must be a reason the thing showed up on the dollar store shelves.
  • Many of the pieces fit together (despite obviously being incorrect). I had to disassemble and reassemble complete sections that seemed correct, but somehow weren’t–including one area just before I finished.
  • I was unable to create a boarder to assemble the puzzle because there were just too many possibilities with the blue sky at the top.
PEI and Puzzle 015

I really should have heeded this warning.

I am glad I finished the puzzle, but now I am completely burnt out and don’t anticipate doing another one for quite a long while.  I have one from the same company, and although it is only 500 pieces, I think I will give it away rather than tackle it.

Now my reward–motivation was key in getting this puzzle done.

PEI and Puzzle 016

My Reward–Yum!