Competition Has Arrived


I would have to say it is official.  Nanoblocks have become a force to be reckoned with.  Why do I say that?  Surprisingly, it is not because there is a big push on them for the Christmas rush–though I did see them available at a store that had never had them before.  Instead, I give them credit because they have inspired some competition.

Micro Blocks, produce by a company called Loz, are now available.  They don’t seem to be available here in Canadayet.  This might have something to do with a bit of a conflict with the people who brought you Mega Blocks.  This company (based in Canada I believe) uses the name Micro Blocks for the blocks that share the same size with Lego.  Sounds complicated doesn’t it?

They seem to be competing in the same space as Nanoblocks.  They offer lots of architectural themed kits of world famous buildings.  This should appeal to adult builders as well as kids.  It also seems to have a broad international scope, so it should be easy to spread.

I am all for competition.  More tiny blocks equals more fun.  The other thing is that more block producers mean more designs and creative ideas.  It might also mean more interesting pieces.  I wonder if the two sets are compatible.

I don’t know if either Nanoblock, or this new Micro Blocks company will every dominate the space that Lego has, but I am interested nonetheless.  I know as a Canadian I will have to wait a long time before I see them, at least I can think good things about 2014.

4 thoughts on “Competition Has Arrived

  1. I am waiting until I see the Micro Blocks in person. I'll let you know when I do, but it would be hard to spend my Nanoblock money on something else. Although I did see a metal Eiffel Tower in Barnes and Noble that I would have bought if it didn't come with 3 other buildings that I didn't want to build – and was price was so high.


  2. There were some Nanoblock kits on clearance at the ToyRus in Southern California that I just missed getting. The tags were still up but they had all been sold. One was the Statue of Liberty, which I can never decide if I really want to do. It's too big for the rest of the Landmarks and all blue. But the Pyramid was mostly yellow and really fun to do.


  3. When people come over, they always comment on it. It is a little out of scale…I guess (not having seen the actual statue), I liked building the base, and overall it was interesting. If you have the chance you should do it.


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