The Statue of Liberty in Nanoblocks

I hadn’t had a chance to put together some nanoblocks for quite a while now.  If you watched my YouTube video, you will know that I opened up the Statue of Liberty kit, but didn’t actually put it together.  Finally the opportunity to put it together came.

A close-up of the base
I hadn’t done one of these for a while, so I was a little surprised at how difficult this one was.  The instructions were pretty solid, but this one was hard.  I guess it had a lot to do with the fact that this one is not symmetrical.  I really had to pay attention to this one, and as any hobbyist will tell you, concentration is taxing.

The Lady is ready
I enjoyed building this one, but don’t think the result was particularly amazing.  I just don’t see a lot of detail in this one that I would like to see.  Perhaps the only way to do that is to either make it twice the size or fabricate a lot of specialty parts.  The former would make the price to high, and the latter would affect production cost and time.

When I first looked at this kit, I thought the blue bricks were quite interesting, but outside the box they didn’t really strike me as different at all.  Ten years from now, if nanoblocks are still growing strong, perhaps my thinking will change.

There were quite a few leftover parts, and my collection of them is growing.  I should start to think about what I would like to build with them.  I am thinking something architectural, but I have no idea yet.

I checked the Japanese homepage of nanoblocks (yes, I know a little Japanese) and have discovered that they have quite a few new releases.  I don’t know when (or if ever) they will come here, but I am hopeful.

The growing collection of leftovers


4 thoughts on “The Statue of Liberty in Nanoblocks

  1. So glad you did this one – I have been tempted, but it's a little expensive so I only wanted it if it would be fantastic. I agree that it's not amazing enough. Thanks!


  2. Other people who have seen it said that they liked it…it just didn't do a lot for me. I liked constructing it, but I have enjoyed others more.
    I was lucky that I got it for a reduced price.
    Have you checked out my YouTube videos of it? That might give you a different perspective.


  3. Your YouTube is where I found your blog. I was looking for some better views of construction of the Karinarimon. And after seeing all those same color pieces in Lady Liberty, I decided I would chose the Great Pyramid to do instead.


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