The Thrill of Victory, the Boredom of Viewership


I love motorsports.  I am a big fan of auto racing.  I love the cars, the speed, the technology, the spectacle, the carnage (though I do not want to see anyone get hurt) and the sound.  Generally I prefer touring cars to the open wheel racers that come in the form of Formula One and Indy Cars.  I still like open wheel cars, I just have a preference for touring cars.

This weekend I watched the Izod Indy Car race.  It was the first of the season and a Canadian was the winner.  It took place on a sunny afternoon on an unusually circuit with lots of driving variety.  I should be happy.  I should have enjoyed the whole experience.  Sadly, I did not.  I watched with a lot of disinterest and I am not sure why.
Cogratulations James Hinchcliffe!

I am forced to conclude that the coverage was not good.   I hate to say it, but I think it’s true.  It wasn’t my definition of horrible.   My definition of horrible is the English broadcast of Japanese Touring Car races.  They are horrible because they are out of sync and I know that they are sitting in a studio just trying to keep up with what the editor has done.  They are horrible because they have lost the immediacy of a sporting event.

Today’s broadcast was just lacklustre.  Indy Cars always produce lots of yellow flag situations, and all that brought was more commercials.  NASCAR, which also has its fair share of yellow laps, seems to fill these gaps with some inspired programming.  In today’s race, I didn’t learn anything during these lulls.

I would really like to hear from some people who saw the race and could comment on it as well.  I really wanted to enjoy the race, but something was definitely missing.  Could someone tell me what it was.  Could someone tell me it’s going to get better.  I don’t want to write off an entire season just as it has begun.

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