More or Less Hobby Time

Does the time change affect your hobby time?  We have lost one hour, and gained more daylight.  That obviously means less hobby time today, but overall, does it mean more?  Certainly some hobbies will benefit from more natural light, but so will things like yard work, chores and beer drinking–okay, I made the last one up.  I am pretty sure the amount of daylight has no effect on beer drinking.

The thing that I find funny about the time change is that, most clocks do it automatically now.  We no longer have to “remember” to do it.  I only have to change two or three of the dozens of time display devices (yes, I could have said clocks, but I was trying to convey they idea of modern devices which are clocks, but so much more–now my explanation is as complicated as the things I was trying to describe)

Happy time change.  Hopefully it means more hobby time.

3 thoughts on “More or Less Hobby Time

  1. Here in Brazil we have the “summer clock” something like this. 1 hour more on daylight, I never noticed before a negative point of this thing before this year, but this year I noticed that 7:00AM the sun is so hot everyday, too early, like 30 degrees, and you now, I hate the hit. I was going to work at 8:00AM a little sweaty, yack! You don't know how I miss the Canadian winter, I want to come back as soon as possible ($$).

    How are you doing, Anthony?


  2. Today I had a bit of a tough time teaching, but basically I am well. I have enjoyed winter this year. Yes, I had to shovel snow, but it wasn't terrible. Like you, I prefer the cold to the heat and humidity.

    I hope you are doing well, and I hope work isn't killing you or killing your soul.


  3. I quit my job… and yes, it was really killing my soul, I wasn't happy there. Now I'm looking for a new job, and finally, living with my girlfriend Marcia!

    And I'm studying the possibility to manufacture beer! I have contacts enough who can help me starting this hobby/business, and I'm already looking for the equipment to make it. I'll told you more about it later!


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