The Number One Hobby I Would Take Up–RC Helicopters

And we come to the end of my list of hobbies I would like to take up if time and money were no concern.  I hope you have enjoyed it and I would like to hear what hobbies you would like to take up if you had either time or money or patience or whatever.  Please leave a comment.
The number one hobby (at this moment–because my mind changes constantly) that I would like to take up is RC Flying.  This one is kind of a surprise to me because I spent a lot of time at a few RC stores (once upon a time I was into RC cars–actually I still am, just not as much) and rarely ever looked at the planes.  I think I was intimidated by the whole thing.  Either that or those crappy planes on a string that I had as a child didn’t inspire me at all. (You remember those things, they basically went around in a cirlce)

I should clarify.  I probably wouldn’t get into airplanes (though a model of the Red Baron would probably look cool) but rather into helicopters.  I find helicopters fascinating and would love to learn how to fly one (definitely the $50,000 it would take to learn makes this idea out of reach) for real.  Perhaps it was my television upbringing that inspired this.  On several of my favourite childhood shows (The A Team, Riptide, Airwolf) helicopters featured prominently.

Unlike most of my “would like to” hobbies, I really haven’t done any research.  I haven’t checked out the magazines.  I haven’t scoured online stores and I haven’t gone to any stores recently.  These are all things that I would normally do, but somehow I have resisted.  I can’t say it will never happen, but I really have to complete a lot of other things first.

I don’t know a lot about RC helicopter flying.  I imagine that I would have to do it in a park, probably when there weren’t a lot of kids around.  Even then, there might be some bylaw against it.  However, it sure would be cool.

That’s the end of the list, but not the end of the blog.  As I wrote above, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Please leave a comment about my list, or a list of your own.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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