The Number 3 Hobby I Would Take up if I had time space and money

No surprise if you have been reading this blog (or have glanced at a few of the posts right now before reading this one), but I love trains.  I am not really sure why.  Maybe it’s the little child in me, maybe it’s the yearning for freedom that riding the rails represent, or maybe trains are just cool.

Either way, if I had space and money, and my dream N scale layout was built, I would probably buy all the Lego trains that are out there.  At last count I have come across four different ones in this modern era. (I should note that this includes an antique looking one that could have come from a Harry Potter movie)

They seem very cool to me, and I instantly desired them (and they were are on sale last week).  Somehow I managed to walk out of the store without buying any of them (I should really be working on my almost dream N scale layout).  I really don’t have the room for them, and I certainly don’t have the money.  I don’t have any need for them either.

To top all that off, my N scale trains are much more detailed and realistic scale models of trains.  Nonetheless, I desire these Lego trains and spend a bit of time each month pondering the possibility of buying them.  This pondering is either scoping them out on the internet or checking them out at the toy store or the Lego store.  Though this is time that could be better spent blogging, I really can’t help myself.

My greatest worry about this is that they seem to put these sets out for a limited time.  If they don’t sell, or if they sell out, I may never see these sets again.  I am pretty sure that I won’t buy one of them in the near future, but I may never be able to buy one ever.


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