The Number 5 Hobby I Would Take up

I have really enjoyed blogging, and I have often contemplated doing more blogs.  I figure if I offer a large enough choice, maybe I will gather a huge audience for at least one of my blogs.  Actually, it is more about finding a good niche, than about attracting a huge audience.  I appreciate the people who read this one, and I certainly appreciate the few who leave comments.

When I started blogging, someone told me that sustaining a blog is the hardest part.  At the time, I thought coming up with something to blog about was difficult (and finding a good title was a close second).  However, months later, I understand how valid that someone’s idea was.

Though I have a good idea for another blog, and several people are urging me to follow through on the idea, I am not sure I could sustain it.  It sounds like a good idea, but letting people down certainly isn’t.

Presently, I spend a bit of time per week blogging.  I think I should spend more, but I need time for commuting, reading, general housework, social events, and hobbies.  I like blogging, but I am not sure I should sacrifice any more of my hobby time to it.

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