The Fix for Photos

Sometimes, I am a little gadget mad.  I guess you could say that I get overly enthused by technology (despite this, I have managed to easily resist the lure of a smart phone–I love the apps and all the cool stuff that goes with it, but I am really not interested in having a phone).  I love to wander the aisles in a computer store and relish any opportunity to purchase more technology.

Thanks to this blog I have taken quite a few pictures.  Yes, I have taken them for more reasons than this blog, but I have done more with the photos for this blog than any other photo I have taken.  Now, I am just wondering what kind of photo software would best serve my needs.

The program that came with the computer is certainly adequate, but seems a little cumbersome.  I imagine that with a more sophisticated program I could do more with the pictures (I am not really sure what that “more” would look like, but I feel confident that it would be better–in some way)I imagine that some better software would make my pictures better… some, non-specific, nebulous kind of way.

Storage is another difficult area.  I can easily file my pictures away, but I have trouble finding where I stored them when it comes time to write this blog.  I guess I am hoping that some electronic genie will help me with all this.

I guess I will have to spend some time this weekend browsing the aisles at the electronic store. I will have to brave the crowds looking for bargains, and maybe I will have to brave the overly aggressive, and incredibly early, Christmas shoppers.  I know, it is a hardship, but I am going to have to do it.  At least it will be warm inside.  Who knows?  Maybe, I will find the perfect piece of software that can easily solve all my problems.


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