For the Love of Movies

I love movies.  I am not really sure how I came to fall in love with movies, but I really like them. When I was young, before we had so many channels, I loved staying up to watch the late movie on TV.  I remember staying up till four o’clock in the morning to watch The Great Escape for the first time.  Now, I can just call it up on demand.  While the task is less satisfying, at least the movie still holds its own.

I like all kinds of movies and genres.  I love science fiction, drama, comedy and action.  I like war movies and kung-fu movies.  I don’t care whether they are in colour or in black and white.  There is nothing better than sitting on the couch watching a well made film.

yes, I still have VHS tapes
I don’t really have a favourite type of movie, but I am quite fond of Japanese movies. (I know,  big surprise)  When I say that most people think of animated movies (which are also good) like the ones by Hayao Miyazaki.  These movies are great, but they are not my at the top of my list.  I tend to either favour classic samurai movies, some Japanese film noire or modern avant-garde stuff.

Growing up in Canada, I was not exposed to many foreign films.  I had seen a few of the French New Wave films, but not much else.  I remember trying to get someone to go see Nikita with me, and failing miserably.  Most of my friends tastes did not extend to foreign cinema.  In fact, besides Godzilla, I don’t think I saw a Japanese film until I had actually lived in Japan.  Once, a friend and I planned to go to a showing of the Seven Samurai, but gave up when we realized that the film would end far to late to catch the subway home.

Winona Ryder
In case you are jealous, rest assured, my Japanese, while pretty good,  does not afford me enough courage to turn off the subtitles.  I have watched lots of TV shows without translation, but movies require a lot of concentration for a far greater amount of time. 

The funniest incident happened to me when I rented Jim Jarmusch’s Night on Earth while staying in Japan.  I really wanted to see the movie because Winona Ryder was in it.  I didn’t realize, however, that the movie was in three other languages besides English.  This wouldn’t have been a problem in Canadabecause I could have read the subtitles.  In Japan, that meant Japanese subtitles.  At least it seemed like a good movie.

If you’ve never seen a good Japanese film, I suggest doing a little research and trying one of two out.

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