That’s pretty cool

On the subway the other day I saw someone reading a comic book on his iPad.  I can’t deny it, I felt incredibly jealous.  Not only do I not have an iPad, but I certainly do not have the app that lets you read comic books.  It seemed really cool.

Yes, technology lust had reared its sleek head.  I saw it, and I want to have it.  Funny how that works.  Watching a TV commercial about it wouldn’t have elicited the same response.  I seem to have some will power where TV is concerned.

Knowing that I really shouldn’t be investing in the iPad (I like how the word investing makes it seem more worthwhile)  I probably have to avoid the iStore with every fibre of my being.  It is definitely a trap.  Definitely a trap.  What a fantastic trap.

I guess there will be a day when all comics will be digital and won’t be released in paper form.  That might actually be okay–probably play havoc with the collector market, but what else is technology for.

With enough memory, I could probably load every comic book ever made into the iPad and carry them around with me all the time.  That would be cool.

2 thoughts on “That’s pretty cool

  1. this is amazing, certainly. But, unfortunately, only the iPad I think is a good tablet… if you try the Samsung Galaxy, for example, it isn't that easy and attractive to use. I tried someday a Galaxy and it had some bugs on it… some errors on the software. I'm not an Applemaniac but some products you can't compare with the other brands…

    for a tablet, you should get and iPad
    but if you don't want to pay so much just for read comics or do basic things, you should thing more before getting an iPod…

    I don't know, I always study all the products of the same category to compare and get the better cost/benefit for me. Some people say that I think too much before buying something, for me this is the right way.


  2. I have read comics on the computer before (GIT Corp released quite a few Marvel Comic book a couple of years ago–now they are really expensive) I would definitely love an iPad to read them on…. hmmm Christmas is coming.
    As for checking things out carefully before you buy them… if that is what you want to do, do it. I often spend way too much time comparin things, and then, just when I am ready to make a decision, they announce a new version.
    The funny thing is that I really do like technology.


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