Collection Intervention?

It is pretty obvious that I have collected a lot of stuff in my life.  If you’ve been reading these posts for a while, you will have probably read my inadvertent collection post (maybe even both of them), but, I am not really a collector.  I collect stuff (inadvertently) but I don’t have a massive collection of anything…probably because I don’t have the money for it all.  Nonetheless, in a show of comradeship with my richer (and therefore not less fortunate) brethren, I must protest this new show on television called “Collection Intervention.”

Basically the show goes to the houses of people who have huge collections that have taken over their lives.  They have rooms and rooms of stuff, often so much that there isn’t any room to display it.  While I am not that kind of person, I can’t really bring a lot of scorn to these people.  They are not hoarders, just misguided.  This is not the part of the show that makes me write this.

The host, and counsellor, is one of the women from that great PBS show History Detectives.  And this is where this rant begins.  No, I can’t criticize her role on the show.  She performs admirably.  However, I have some problems.

so, this one is not about stamps, but this is a collection
  1. Is she really qualified to help these people?  The seem to suffer from some emotional or psychological issue, and probably need more than a host telling them they’ve got to get rid of some stuff.
  2. If she is good at this, is her role on History Detectives fakes as well.  I love that show.  I watch it even if I have no love or knowledge of the topic.  Sometimes they have whole shows about the civil war…..and I’m Canadian.  I still watch.  Now, I will carry around a bit of doubt with me.
  3. There is nothing intervention like about this program.

I doubt if I will watch this program again unless the collector actually collects something that I am really interested in…….okay, I realize, with my lengthy list of interests, it is highly likely that some collector in need of a television intervention by an ex PBS host probably collects something that I am interested in.  It is pretty inevitable after all.


1 thought on “Collection Intervention?

  1. that show makes me remember a Canadian tv show, it's a woman, like supernanny who help some teenagers… not teenagers, these girls are 20 or 22 years old, anyway… this “supernanny” teaches the girls to save money and pay the debts…

    its unbeliavable how these girls spend all the money, they get a thousand dollars per month and spend a thousand and two hundred per month with hairdressers, make up, clothes and so one.
    most of the girls on the end of the show go well, but maybe they do that because on the end of the show they get a five thousand dollars check, for example.
    how do you know that these girls won't be the same person as on the beggining of the show?

    I really don't know the name of this show in English, I couldn't translate from Portuguese to English… and I'm sure that if I could translate it wouldn't be the real name of the show.

    you know… this kind of tv show it's like the Kitchen Nightmares of Gordon Ramsey. The manager of the restaurant never knows the situation of the restaurant untill Gordon show him the trash on the floor, the flies and so one. But in the end of the program, he change his personality a hundred percent, it's weird.

    now changing the topic: I really liked Coney Hatch, but just the first album, the others are so glam rock or… I don't know.
    and Max Webster I got the album High Class In Borrowed Shoes but I didn't listen yet.

    see you!


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