Tools and Tribulations

I was once warned that I could spend a lot of money collecting hobby tools and have no money leftover for the hobby itself.  I don’t remember if that was at a hobby show–because I used to go to a lot of those, or whether it was on a hobby website.  While this hasn’t exactly happened, I do think it is good advice.  Of course, some tools are necessities, while others are a luxury.  Though I can’t always tell the difference, I hope I have struck a happy medium.

The best tool I have every bought was my airbrush.  It has improved my painting a lot.  I still need more practice, but on the whole, I like most of the results.  Can’t say I am fond of the clean up, but it isn’t really that hard.

The worst tool I have ever bought (not including the multi drawer storage cabinet that binds every time I open it) was a cheap micrometer.  If you are going to purchase this tool, buy yourself a good one.  It isn’t going to break and if you have it for ten or twenty years, it really won’t cost that much.

There are tools I lust over, and someday will have

I would love a spray booth.  My current solution works, but is not ideal.  I have one of these saved on my Amazon account, so someday it will be mine, all mine,

I would love to have a Unimat hobby lathe.  I saw one fantastic all in one hobby machine, and I have lusted after it ever since.  The price is way out of my ballpark, but,  I think it would be a worthy investment.  Who knows, I might win the lottery someday.

The magnetic jig.  I am not sure this is absolutely necessary, but it sure would help putting those train buildings together.

Life every train enthusiast, I probably need an official NMRA gauge,  I have one for spacing and ride height, but I could probably use the all encompassing one nonetheless.

In addition to these there are lots of files, glue guns, scrapers, hot wire cutters, moulds,  magnifiers, third hand devices, electronic gauges and sensors, clamps, and computer doohickeys.  The list is endless.  When you get right down to it, the warning I received so long ago, seems very appropriate.

Would love to hear about the best and worst hobby tools that you’ve ever bought.  Please leave a comment.

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