Welcome to my Hobby Blog

Welcome to my hobby blog.  I considered giving my self the title of King of Hobbies, but that really didn’t make sense.  To be the King of Hobbies I would probably have to be quite good at some of them.  I can’t make that claim because it is far from the truth.  Over the years I have taken up and temporarily stopped (I don’t want to say abandoned because someday…..) many hobbies.  In addition to that, I have researched and planned to start many more.  Perhaps Jack of all Hobbies would be a better moniker –as in Jack of all Hobbies, Master of none.

Just like the subtitle to the blog says, I am often bored and rather than fill my life with the completion of useful tasks, because in combination with boredom I suffer from a mild form of procrastination, I take up hobbies. 

As I see it, this blog will be composed of many different things, because if I can’t stick to one hobby how could I possibly stick to writing about just one thing.  I plan to write about the different hobbies I have take up, the ones I have researched, and my future hobby dreams–and believe me, I have lots of those.  I will also mix in amusing stories of my hobby foibles, as well as thoughts on the state of hobby pursuits in the twenty-first century.  On top of all that, I may find time to review tools, hobby kits, and anything else.  In essence, I am promising a mixed bag of tricks.  My definition of hobby is rather broad.  Everything may not appeal to each one of you out there, but hopefully it won’t be boring–because we know what will happen then, don’t we?

I hope you find what I write about interesting and amusing.  As for myself, perhaps this is a way of exorcising the hobby demon from within.  Only time will tell.

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